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Amsterdam  Schade van Westrum, L.C.

Amsterdam Schade van Westrum, L.C.

Hamlyn Publishing

Artikelcode: 9789000000543

Tis generally thought that next to London and Paris, Amsterdam is the biggest city in Christendom. It is certainly the greatest port in the known world for trade, and inferior to none in Europe for wealth and riches. Notwithstanding there is no place where such numbers of merchants ships are seen, yet it is of most difficult access; for it is scarce possible for a ship of heavy burthen or a man of war to enter the harbour Indeed the whole Zuyder-Sea is so shallow, and full of sands, that scarce any but their own flat bottomed vessels can cross it; but then this is their great security against foreign enemies, whose men of war scarce ever venture to pursue them beyond the Texel and other entrances into this sea

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